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2017 Daggers Long List Announced


The Crime Writers Association Daggers have been synonymous with quality crime writing for over fifty years. These prestigious awards started in 1955, less than two years after the Association was founded, with the award of a Crossed Red Herring Award to Winston Graham (now better known for Poldark) for The Little Walls.

Over the years the number of CWA Daggers has increased (and occasionally decreased). Currently ten Daggers are awarded annually by the CWA.

You can see the 2017 Long List for each of the Dagger categories here

About Murder Mystery Corner

I’ve been writing full time for more than a decade, in a range of genres, Historical Adventure, Psychological Thriller, and Romance.

I enjoyed all of them, but it wasn’t until I wrote a murder mystery that I finally discovered my genre home.

Along with giving me the buzz that all fiction writing does, murder mysteries appeal to the analytical part of my brain.

I discovered there are so many aspects for a murder  mystery writer to dive into, forensic science, psychology, police methods, technology. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet.

On this website, I plan to write about anything and everything to do with this wonderful genre:

  • What our favorite writers are doing;
  • Book reviews.
  • Stuff about the process of writing murder mysteries
  • Interesting developments in Policing and Forensic Science

If it’s to do with this wonderful genre, then it’s going to be grist for our mill.